Overdrive's Vim : aneb jak se Over ucil psat ve VIMu

set nocompatible
"filetype plugin on
" allow backspacing over everything in insert mode
set backspace=indent,eol,start
set nobackup		" DON'T keep a backup file

set history=50		" keep 50 lines of command line history
set ruler			" show the cursor position all the time
set showcmd			" display incomplete commands
set incsearch		" do incremental searching
set tabstop=4

set number				" line numbers
set cindent
set autoindent
set mouse=a				" use mouse in xterm to scroll
set scrolloff=5 		" 5 lines bevore and after the current line when scrolling
set ignorecase			" ignore case
set smartcase			" but don't ignore it, when search string contains uppercase letters
set hid 				" allow switching buffers, which have unsaved changes
set shiftwidth=4		" 4 characters for indenting
set showmatch			" showmatch: Show the matching bracket for the last ')'?

"set nowrap				" don't wrap by default
colorscheme desert
syn on
set completeopt=menu,longest,preview
set confirm
set wrap
set linebreak
set nolist  			" list disables linebreak
set textwidth=0
set wrapmargin=0
set encoding=utf-8
set fileencoding=utf-8
if has("gui_running")
  if has("gui_gtk2")
    set guifont=Inconsolata\ 12
  elseif has("gui_macvim")
    set guifont=Menlo\ Regular:h14
  elseif has("gui_win32")
    set guifont=Consolas:h11:cANSI
  :sp filename - for a horizontal split
  :vsp filename or :vs - filename for a vertical split
  v = line mark
  shift + a - start append on end of line
  ctrl+o - in insert mode, t you can send command like in normal [after escape] mode
  :scriptnames - all files VIM is loaded with
  http://vim.wikia.com/wiki/PuTTY_numeric_keypad_mappings - putty vim, config of num keypad
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