Project owner: embargo
Interested: gosoft
Related: Software defined radio
License: CC BY-SA
Approach125,10 MHz
Tower 120,80 MHz
Delivery118,70 MHz
ATIS1) 118,05 MHz


Main goal is to have the LKMT2) radio feed available online on LiveATC.net3) .


The system will be built on Raspberry Pi (model B/B+ or model C) with two RTLSDR USB dongles, RTLSDR-Airband4) and dump10905) software.

The whole project will be installed somewhere near the airport, preferably directly on the airport. Next step will be connecting this whole project to the live feed on

Possible obstacles

Who will sponsor the electricity and connectivity? Need to discuss it with someone from LKMT or ask directly on their FB site.

Automatic Terminal Information Service, can be dialed in +420 596 693 440
Letiště Ostrava Mošnov, ICAO LKMT, IATA OSR, N49.41.46 E018.06.39, alt 844ft
Live Air Traffic Control communications
RTLSDR AM demodulator, support multiple channels per dongle, intended for x86 and Raspberry Pi
Mode S decoder / ADS-B decoder
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