test questions for broken machine : lvl 2,5

1] login as idontcare
2] download questions according message of the day
3] configure server to allow ssh as root by key
4] configure sudo to allow user idontcare to be able to use sudo without password for all commands
5] start Apache
6] delete files in /home/idontcare/delete_me/; but only delete_me*.to.del in range 0003 to 0105, other should stay intact
7] customer is complaining, there are no files in /cdrom directory and he deleted nothing
8] find biggest files
9] there is huge file in /home/idontcare find it and delete it
10] do sha256 of iso in /home/idontcare : ad30b003a5face0477177d4980c5c26ba75df21de069612d9fa59ac3ab613aeb
  10.1] do sha512 of same iso, and explain what is diffrence, why, and what this commands are for
11] can you imagine how to generate (pseudo)random 10 characters long sting [that could be e.g. used as passowrd]
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