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upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_thumb_9_9b_halda_ema_ostrava.jpg_398px-halda_ema_ostrava.jpg The Ema slag heap, 315 m, 1 033 ft AMSL (Czech: halda Ema) - the only cone-shaped slag Heap in Ostrava. Today it reaches up 315 metres above sea level, but originally it towered 327 metres above sea level. Its 12-metre drop was caused by natural settling and erosion. The overall area of the slagheap is 82ha, and it contains more than 4 milion m3 of waste rock. The interior of the heap burns at 1500 ˚C. Thanks to this extreme heat, precious minerals, including jasper and porcelain can be found inside. The entire area is open to the public, and is marked by yellow tourist trails.

* http://wikimapia.org/6060392/The-Ema-slag-heap-315-m



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