Converting freezer to heatpump.

go-to person:Razzy
interested:feel free to add yourself
Why?:waste to resource, money efficient
subgoals:low cost, energy efficient heating to passive workshop/wood cabin
missing:freezer, wood cabin, 10 man-hours


Old freezer:

input 100W

freeze 14l of water in 24 hours

heating transport: (((333kJ/kg * 14kg) / 24h) /3600s)=54W

heating efficiency: ((100+54)/100) * 100=154%

New freezer

input 23W

freeze: 38l of water in 24h

heating transport: (((333kJ/kg * 38kg) / 24h) /3600s)=146W

heating efficiency: ((146+23)/23) * 100=7347%

Commercial product (heat-pump):



heating efficiency: ((15)/3,1) * 100=483%