Community storage

go-to person:Razzy
interested:feel free to add yourself
Why?:need to efficiently distribute material in small communities
subgoals:low cost; low maintenance; decentralised; community friendly
missing:touch screen,SW implementation; solution package for others; 40 man-hours


  1. Put in small area with restricted acces(RFID lock,social pressure, camera) storage.
  2. Anybody(seller) can bring goods, scan barcode and set price (with small profit).
  3. Anybody(buyer) can scan packaged material, agree on price and leave with bought goods.
  4. System keeps balance of members accounts.
  5. System take away 2% or 2Kc from every transaction.
  6. At the end of month/year members could deposit/withdraw money.
  7. Storage area is fixed, unsold goods will be forced on seller after month/year.


I am missing sugar at dormitories. I will go check local comunity storage. If I got one, cool. If there isn't any sugar, I will go to the shop and buy 10kg of sugar. One is for me, and rest I will “sell” to the community storage. Because we know each other, I know what I can buy for others and I will not set extra high prices. It could work for up to 100 people.

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