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 Documentation:​ https://​wiki.videolan.org/​Documentation:​Streaming_HowTo/​Command_Line_Examples/​ Documentation:​ https://​wiki.videolan.org/​Documentation:​Streaming_HowTo/​Command_Line_Examples/​
 +  * http://​www.guidingtech.com/​ebooks/​vlc-media-player/​ 
 +  * http://​alex.mamchenkov.net/​2014/​11/​27/​vlc-mosaic-multiple-rstp-streams/​comment-page-1/​ 
 +  * to test for streaming purposes instead of VLC : https://​obsproject.com/​ 
 +  * brmlabi stream: https://​brmlab.cz/​user/​jenda/​duga
 ====== HTTP streaming ====== ====== HTTP streaming ======
 +=== Stream as mosaic ===
 +### static video from file
 +new channel1 broadcast enabled
 +setup channel1 input file:///​Users/​pavouk/​Movies/​Walk.On.Water.2004.DVDRip.DivX.avi
 +setup channel1 output #​mosaic-bridge{id=1,​height=360,​width=640}
 +new channel2 broadcast enabled
 +setup channel2 input file:///​Users/​pavouk/​Movies/​xxx/​Big_boobs_beauty_Pinkule_has_multiple_orgasm-563509.mp4
 +#setup channel2 output #​duplicate{dst=mosaic-bridge{id=2,​height=366}}
 +setup channel2 output #​mosaic-bridge{id=2,​height=360,​width=640}
 +new channel3 broadcast enabled
 +setup channel3 input file:///​Users/​pavouk/​Movies/​xxx/​Big_boobs_beauty_Pinkule_has_multiple_orgasm-563509.mp4
 +setup channel3 output #​mosaic-bridge{id=3,​height=360,​width=640}
 +new channel4 broadcast enabled
 +setup channel4 input file:///​Users/​pavouk/​Movies/​xxx/​Big_boobs_beauty_Pinkule_has_multiple_orgasm-563509.mp4
 +setup channel4 output #​mosaic-bridge{id=4,​height=360,​width=640}
 +### background image
 +new mosaic broadcast enabled
 +setup mosaic input file:///​Users/​pavouk/​Dropbox/​Public/​Wallpapers/​GITS.png
 +setup mosaic option image-duration=-1
 +setup mosaic option image-fps=0
 +setup mosaic option mosaic-rows=2
 +setup mosaic option mosaic-cols=2
 +setup mosaic option mosaic-position=1
 +setup mosaic output #​transcode{sfilter=mosaic,​vcodec=mp4v,​VB=8500,​acodec=none,​fps=25,​scale=1}:​display
 +control channel1 play
 +control channel2 play
 +control channel3 play
 +control channel4 play
 +control mosaic play
 +  * to run
 +vlc --vlm-conf ~/​Movies/​mosaic.vlm.conf --mosaic-width 1280 --mosaic-order "​1,​2,​3,​4"​ --mosaic-height 720
 ===== Stream in HTTP: ===== ===== Stream in HTTP: =====
Line 13: Line 60:
   vlc http://​server.example.org:​8080   vlc http://​server.example.org:​8080
 +  ​
 +  * server side, HTTP, from file
 +  /​Applications/​VLC.app/​Contents/​MacOS/​VLC -vvv ~/​Movies/​Bio\ Nano\ Technology-New\ Frontiers\
 +  in\ Molecular\ Engineering\ -\ Andreas\ Mershin\ at\ TEDxAthens-sjV7NNwm1GU.mkv --sout
 +  '#​standard{access=http,​mux=ogg,​dst=​8080}'​
 ===== Transcode and stream in HTTP =====  ===== Transcode and stream in HTTP ===== 
Line 51: Line 104:
 </​code>​ </​code>​
-Na druhé straně ve vlc pustit network stream z adresy ​''​rtsp://​ip_addr_rbpi:​8554/​live.ts''​ +Na druhé straně ve vlc pustit network stream z adresy ​<​code>​rtsp://​ip_addr_rbpi:​8554/​live.ts</​code>​
 +ffmpeg -re -ar 44100 -ac 2 -acodec pcm_s16le -f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:1,0 -i /dev/video0
 +                        -vcodec h264_omx -vf scale=-1:​480 -vb 300k -acodec aac -ab 128k -g 50 -strict experimental -f
 +                        flv rtmp://​a.rtmp.youtube.com/​live2/​XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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