To investigate howto work smarter, learn and use to be more effective

Everyday routines hurts … a lot, so here I'm going to collect things to work smarter with computers, mainky Mac and Linux OS-es. So this will be list to things to learn, use, install & in case it will be good to share. Usefull config files and scripts are going to be colected here too.

  • - wanna try MPV player which should be Mplayer2 + youtube-dl included, here are list of plugins too
  • * investigate howto make DCC functional and run DCC server on Darkstar
  • * reuse of wiki change to IRC from brmlab
  • * plan the door open/closed to finish
  • * to wake up GIT on server and git knowledge
  • * configure VIM between work servers [by GIT ideally] + . config tmux [learn tmux serach]
  • package manager for Fish shell
  • - serch engine forDCC dp
  • - fast file share, encrypted and relatively huge files
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