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              """" ​ """""""​              """" ​ """""""​
 ~ Mame roota, nepotrebujem se socializovat ~ ~ Mame roota, nepotrebujem se socializovat ~
 +===== --==: CZ :==-- =====
 zapis z 1. setkani 1. prosince 2015 zapis z 1. setkani 1. prosince 2015
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   * dron - doladit mailinglist   * dron - doladit mailinglist
   * over - labka project na : https://​wiki.hackerspaces.org/​Labka   * over - labka project na : https://​wiki.hackerspaces.org/​Labka
 +===== --==: ENG :==-- ===== 
 +log of 1st meetup, 1st Dec 2015
 +====== ya know, that social part ======
 +(there is some beginning where Tomas aka Ovedrive admited he is alcoholic, than everybody clapped and other people admited same after, only Libor admited that he is abstinet, nobody is shure, what does it mean)
 +Public speach of Overdrive what is it hackerspace,​ we, him and you will need to work to get one, and it will not be easy.
 +Some minor questions asked to plenum, nothing important:
 +  * are you ready to help?
 +  * does some community already exists?
 +  * can we create one?
 +  * what is your idea?
 +  * what can you do for project?
 +Than we where drinking beer only Libor from nanotrik.cz was sobber.
 +====== Who is who ======
 +** Libor Minister ** - he promissed to do everything for us, if we will promiss him to sell his Chinese goods of highest quality. But after all, we have found, that he is HW designer who like to share his experience and ideas how to use and program electronic for DIY hacking. Of course, he still admits he want to sell that electronics together with Lukas, other memeber of nanotrik.cz More he was sobber, more we where able to find common language and he understands community project as oportunity to upseed maket on one side, but to have some intelligent fun and hobby on other side. Tend to behave as sells guy but DIY is his hobby to and he did a lot of R&D with Lukas in recent years.\\
 +** Lukas ** - software brain of nanotrick.cz,​ typical geek from perl and pyton to javascript ad pick and click IDE. Designer of software for movement controlled controller bracelets. Promised to bring whole bunch of his HW used for R&D purposes and their prototypes. Eminent interest in borrowd Nio controller and so. He is willing to participate on hackerspace,​ because to dig deep alone is boring and in the box.\\
 +** Tomas ** - network guy in t-shirt with funny matematic geeky joke. He likes to hack Arduino and RapsPI and already did some projects. Will to cooperate and learn is main reason of his presence at 1st meetup.
 +** Michal ** - studied history and doing theatre. technician for teather team too. He is interested what is this whole up, and Over invented, that he will help us to set up real place because he is the one, who knows ho to do things, you know... hammer, saw and so. hope he will like it\\
 +** Mrtvy Keny aka Dead Kenny ** - if you do not know him, you have never seen any life in Ostrava. He is behind social networking of interesting projects. Over's ex-landlord,​ and good one. He do like frontend programming and webz. Inventive in the way how and why. Involved in lot of community or half-commercial projects like community garden or Fabric club.\\
 +** Dron ** - Linux hacker who was involved in demo scene and he miss that beat on today society. Cooperation and inventing. THX for most of recent server work for our project.
 +than it was about beer, and other one, and than some of us ordered meal, and again beer. 
 +Wellcome in non-f*society project.
 +**Since I'm running out of battery .. ToDo and ongoing project will be added tomorrow [3.12.2015] - please stay tuned.
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