DIY Teremin

Project owner: Overdrive
Interested: Cyberluke, Ivan Ahepniuk, Radim
License: Uveďte původ-Zachovejte licenci CC BY-SA

DIY Teremin 3D wearable proposal

Watch this: WAVE.NINJA by - External Link

Haha, would something like wireless theremin communicating with PC or embedded device be sufficient? We plan to have two V1 prototypes at our Makerspace right from the start as we move to V2. It's based on opensource hardware (good for hacking). Our software can take advantage of two hands in 3D augmented space. Thanks to machine learning & neural networks, it can learn also complex gestures. The only downside is a design, but it's great for hacking! We already support Linux (ARM architecture, MIPS architecture, x86, x86_64)…mostly Debian & Ubuntu, because Fedora cannot run on ARM with GUI. Well there is a support for Fedora on some ARM boards: …but only XFCE :-( …so if anyone could make a better environment from source + add proprietary 3D GPU blob from ARM/Mali website and tweak it, then it would be more powerful.

It's hot project and we are attending CES @ Las Vegas 2016 + Silicon Valley LaunchFest, but there is no website yet 0_o WAVE.NINJA by

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